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Every Halloween, Sundquist comes up with an amazing Halloween costume to share with the world. This year, he decided to be Tigger. This year, he decided to be Tigger. Now, Sundquist is a motivational speaker whos become famous on social media for his clever and inventive, Halloween costumes.

Show Full Text Ive always dealt with the social discomfort of my disability by having a sense of humor, Sundquist said. Sundquist, now a motivational speaker and author, started with the gingerbread man costume in 2010. He was Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast last year and, last week, revealed his Tigger outfit " When life hands you lemons, make awesome Halloween costumes" is the motto Josh Sundquist takes to heart every October.

Sundquist, an amputee and Paralympian, is well know for his creative Motivational speaker Josh Sundquist's photos. body for life champion. Yes, these photos are real. Heres proof. But Sundquist is perhaps best known for his awesome Halloween costumes, which routinely go viral every year: I'm going to share my 2016 Halloween costume tomorrow! But first, a quick recap People went back and found the photo of my 2010 gingerbread costume, and everyone was commenting" look, he's an amputee who does funny Halloween costumes!

" And I was like, hmm, OK, I guess I'm an amputee who does funny Halloween costumes. Josh Sundquist, who had his left leg amputated after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at the age of 9, is a pro at creating novel costumes designed not only to give his followers a Josh Sundquist might be the least likely person to grow up to be a viral sensation for his singleleg Halloween costumes.

The motivational speaker and comedian was raised in a really religious 115k Likes, 790 Comments Josh Sundquist (@joshsundquist) on Instagram: Heres my Halloween costume! Josh Sundquist, an amputee who lost his left leg after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, has created some amazing Halloween costumes. " I saw it and said, 'That is such a good idea.

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