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side. TOKIYA Shining Solo Series: Tokiya However, everything is the fruit of his hard work. Nicknames are Tokiya and Icchi April. The always calm theorist.

Often says sarcastic remarks to people and gets misunderstood because of it. His character Tokiya ichinose halloween express reflected in his song, both his pitch and rhythm are perfect. Ichinose Tokiya. Fan Feed More Uta no Princesama Wiki. 1 Uta no Princesama dj Prism Night Jelly Kiss Pairing: Tokiya x Otoya Circle: LEGO! (Nakagawa) Language: French English scanlation: Uta no Princesama dj Natsuki Shinomiya Happy Halloween!

Satsuki Shinomiya Orion De Shoutout. Syo Kurusu Your Body. Uta No PrinceSama OneShots! Tokiya Ichinose Cold Feelings. rei. You had recognized him the moment you looked up, Ichinose Tokiya. You had a slight crush on him seeing him in Class A singing gracefully. Read Tokiya Ichinose from the story Various Anime x Reader OneShots by MissionToMarsy (Queen) with 13, 951 reads. attackontitan, random, Buy low price, high quality tokiya ichinose cosplay wholesale with worldwide shipping on AliExpress.

com Looking for high quality Uta no Princesama Cosplay Costumes with affordable prices? check out our Uta no Princesama Cosplay Costumes selection and shop one today to start saving big! Halloween Costume; Love live! constellation awaken; Love Live Magician Awaken; Love Live Marine Set; Uta No Princesama Tokiya Ichinose [GOOD ANIMALS (Inukai) Tokiya to Halloween no Monogatari Uta no Princesama dj [JP Title: Tokiya to Halloween no Monogatari Pairing: Tokiya x Otoya Circle artist: GOOD ANIMALS (Inukai) Language: Japanese A always calm theorist.

The hard worker with keeping passion in his heart. Ichinose Tokiya (, Tokiya Ichinose) is one of the idols you can interact with in Shining Live. MagicalHalloween Live; Shining Live Wiki is Ichinose Tokiya (, Tokiya Ichinose) is a student of Saotome Gakuen, initially sorted into S Class, but was later downgraded into A Class in the anime.

He is also a member of the idol group STRISH. He is voiced by Mamoru Miyano (, Miyano Mamoru). He has midnight darkblue hair and

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