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Meet Ava, a sweet little girl that Im so blessed that I was able to spend a day with Along with the MakeAWish America foundation, I granted her wish of Spending a day with Blippi at a zoo!. It was such a SPECIAL day and I was completely blown away by her beautiful personality and her excitement towards life! Educating children by captivating them in new and innovative ways! The show was created in early 2014 by Stevin John, a creative entrepreneur with a background in brand development, digital content creation, and online marketing.

My goal with Blippi was to bring positive emotions and memories to the act of learning. After few weeks of doodling wardrobe ideas, brainstorming on the characters name, and jotting down video topics, Stevin decided to host the show himself.

Blippi is an energetic and loveable character clad is orange and blue that jumps off the screen with his goofy mannerisms and friendly demeanor. Blippi Kids Orange Suspenders and Bow Tie for Children Adjustable and Clip On Weddings Blippi Birthday Parties Holidays Halloween Watching their favorite video host while looking just hike him And more! Package includes 1 x Bow Tie 1 x Suspenders Thanks for supporting us and all of our Blippi endeavors! Jan 27, 2014 Blippi videos are aimed at young children, and are educational.

Blippi is a likable character and children love him. His special fort is his silly dancing. He has videos about everything from farms, tractors and bin lorries, to museums and theme parks.

He introduces all sorts of concepts to children in a really fun, happy way. Educational videos for children 26 years old. Blippi has been viewed over 2 billion times!

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