Ideas for halloween costume awards categories

Regardless of the judging panel choices, the secret to a successful Halloween costume contest (particularly for children) Ideas for halloween costume awards categories to create enough prize categories for every participant to be a winner. Costume contest categories need not be serious. List of fun Halloween Costume Contest categories to award prizes for at your party. Is it time to order your Halloween invitations?

Find this Pin and more on Halloween Invitations by Announcingit Invitation Shop. Jun 24, 2009 I am trying to pick categories for our costume party as I want to include the categories on the invites I am working on.

It is an all adult party. Last year we did sexiest, scariest& best. This year I would like 4 categories. I don't want to do scariest again because only one person really did scary. Get ideas at todays blog post for hosting a Halloween Costume Party!

I'm going to be tailoring this post to an adult party; If you want to read about kids party ideas, read my past post Prizes and Awards for Halloween Contests. Note: A Costume theme and Award Categories are not needed but help guests prepare for your Halloween party Have a theme: Dead Celebrity, Superhero, 80s Music, Video Game, Handmade Costumes, etc The Costume Categories 1 for Best Costume or several Most Creative, Silliest, Sexiest Costume, etc b. Decide how the Halloween Halloween costume contests are a fun way to reward creativity.

(Image: Frederick M. BrownGetty Images EntertainmentGetty Images) There are many options to choose from when coming up with categories for your Halloween costume contest. There are many popular ideas for awards, and all can work well for your Halloween party. One idea is to give out trophies for different costume categories.

Trophies for Halloween Costume Parties The awards print as 8x10s, so the proud winners of each category can take them home and frame them up nice and pretty. The categories range from classics like" Scariest" and" Most Creative" costume, to a few that are a little more offthewall like" Punniest" and" Laziest" costume.

Costume Contest: Set up and publish the contest rules, including categories. You may want to have separate contests for teams and for individuals. Award prizes for best, most original, scariest, lamest, etc. Halloween costume contests inspire guests to get into the spirit of the evening. Add the phrase Halloween Costume Contest Prizes to your Halloween party invitations and get ready to have a blast.

Vote by secret ballot, have the hosts only vote, or create a runway for guests to strut their stuff for votes.

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