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Haunted History of Halloween. Play video. Halloween's Origins 2min. Play video. Holidays: The Village Halloween Parade 3min. Play video. Haunted History of Halloween 3min. Get costume ideas, play games, check out photo galleries of pets in costumes, watch spooky videos, get jackolantern carving tips all at the Nat Geo Kids Halloween Get the facts on Halloween history, today's most popular costumes, recordbreaking pumpkins, and more in National Geographic News's Halloween roundup.

In this three minute video is about the history of halloween and how the Celts played a part in this holiday. Good history lesson and ties in well with immigration to the US and the spread of culture from Europe.

From YouTube, produced by National Geographic. Halloween isn't just costumes and candy; it's a holiday with traditions. This Worksheet Download: Here is a short worksheet I made based on a video from National Geographic on the history of halloween. It contains a previewing section for teaching some vocabulary and discussion questions. Oct 18, 2007 Halloween isn't just costumes and candy; it's a cultural holiday rich in tradition. Subscribe: About National Geographic: Nat HALLOWEEN HISTORY (National Geographic Video) From communion with the dead to pumpkins and pranks, Halloween is a patchwork holiday, stitched together with cultural, religious and occult traditions that span centuries.

Get funny Halloween jokes from National Geographic Kids.

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