Post it notes halloween costume

Check out Zazzle wide variety of Costume Postit Notes and never misplace an important note again! No big deal, check out some tips and ideas for creating a great Halloween costume using Postit Products. Facebook. Twitter. Pro Tip: Cut several Postit Notes at a time to save some scissor snipping energy. 3. Put on your colorful costume. Its time to party, people! Brainstorm Board 13 Smart Halloween Costumes to Impress Your Boss.

Put your 20 best ideas on sticky notes, and then dress up like the sticky note man, covered in sticky notes. Use the company Halloween party to get your colleagues to notice your ideas and recognize your brilliance. Join 14, 000 others and get my semimonthly email whenever I post Make spooky decor to celebrate using Postit Notes!

See more ideas about Halloween crafts, Halloween decorations and Halloween diy. Celebrate a spooky Halloween: Postit Note decorations Halloween is unlike any other holiday it gives you the chance to take on another persona, to celebrate acting like a kid again, and to take a step into mystery and shadow, even if its only for one night.

I had forgotten about the creative cover a business man covered in yellow PostIt notes. I realized there and then that I could totally pull that off for a Halloween costume. I spent the next week gathering my materials. Aug 30, 2018 Cut out two three foot square pieces of cardboard, glue a yellow large sheet of posterboard to one side of the two boards. Then take a sponge and using a light grey paint, apply a light coating across the top 18 of the one board to represent the sticky glue.

Then using a magic marker, write a People will probably try and steal some notes from your costume, so it helps to have a stack of extras to fill in the holes.

Make sure to keep some extra tape with you too. This Homemade Post It Man Costume was an instant hit at Halloween parties.

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