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To take part in the prank, upload a video to YouTube with the title Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy. The best Watch video Last night, while you were sleeping, Mommy and I ate all your Halloween candy, " Kimmel told his daughter, as she gasped. After taking a glimpse inside her candy bag, Jane told Kimmel not to worry It's that time of year again Jimmy Kimmel's challenge for parents to tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy!.

Because the Nov 02, 2017 For years, Jimmy has been encouraging parents to tell their kids they ate all their Halloween candy so now that his daughter Jane is old enough, he felt it was time to try it out on her. Oct 31, 2017  Parents were asked to pretend that they'd eaten all their kids Halloween candy and to post video of the reaction on YouTube.

Jimmy Kimmel put together a montage of the best reactions. With the" I ate my kids' Halloween candy" bit? Cohost of the old raunchfest The Man Show? But after taking a bold stance on the healthcare debate last Maycandidly discussing it in a passionate, reasoned, tearfilled monologue on his longrunning talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

he placed himself at the center of a hotbutton issue in Halloween may be over, but the tricks haven't stopped just yet. Every year Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to send in videos telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. Nov 04, 2016 Watch video Jimmy Kimmel released a second video of parents telling their kids that they ate their Halloween candy during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, November 3. Watch the hilarity in the video above its that time of year again!

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