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Feb 15, 2010  Inflammatory Diseases of the salivary glands. Inflammatory salivary gland diseases, next to benign neoplasms, are the most frequent causes of salivary gland swelling in juvenile age. The acute forms of Anyone ever had a swollen parotid (salivary) gland? It's the gland that sits between the jawline and ear. (She delivers baby's) so I started researching it.

I have no insurance so I can't just call a doctor, so I applied heat and it when down like 90. I just had a snack Doritos, and bam it swelled within seconds. I feel a lot of pressure When this occurs in the salivary gland of the cheek, the parotid gland, it is called parotitis. Parotitis results in swelling of the face, fever, and facial pain.

The salivary glands normally contract to produce saliva during a meal but contraction of an infected gland can also be painful. Viral infections such as mumps, flu, and others can cause swelling of the salivary glands.

Swelling happens in parotid glands on both sides of the face, giving the appearance of" chipmunk cheeks. " Salivary gland swelling is commonly associated with mumps, happening in about 30 to 40 of mumps infections. The culprit might just be parotid gland swelling or inflammation. About the Parotid Gland. Your parotid glands are the largest of your salivary glands and are located in your mouth in the upper part of either cheek, in front of and beneath your ears.

The ducts of these glands help empty saliva into your mouth. Salivary gland involvement primarily involves the parotid gland, causing enlargement and swelling. Salivary gland biopsy with histopathologic examination is needed to make the distinction between whether Sjorens syndrome or Sarcoidosis is the cause of this. Left Parotid Gland Swelling in an Infant. The most common cause of parotid gland swelling in childhood is parotitis, and the most common congenital tumor is hemangioma.

4 After ultrasonography demonstrated a solid nodule in the left parotid gland, an MRI scan was obtained. Kids' Heart Conditions; Palpitations and Arrhythmia; Health Care Technology. Swollen salivary glands can be the result of a number of medical conditions. In most cases, none of these causes are life threatening, and most are easily treated with antibiotics.

One of the most common causes for swelling is an obstruction. Salivary gland

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