Foreign exchange student shot halloween costume

A strange tale of a disaster averted comes to us from Pennsylvania this week, but its one which may generate more questions than answers. An Tso Sun is an 18yearold foreign exchange student from Taiwan who came to Pennsylvania last summer. Yoshi spoke with another foreign exchange student over the phone and he was invited to a Halloween costume party at the Pitres house. On the evening of the party, Oct. 17, 1992, Yoshi and Webb set out in the family car towards the party.

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Yoshi had come to the United States in August, and attended McKinley High School with the Haymaker's son, Webb. Police in Upper Darby have arrested a foreign exchange student they say threatened to" shoot up" a local high school.

A few years ago a Chinese foreign exchange student, on Halloween, in costume, rang the door bell of the wrong house.

The man inside shot and killed him, stating that he was in fear of his life and A few weeks prior to the incident in question, the boys learned through an acquaintance, that another Japanese exchange student was living in the Baton Rouge area. She and Yoshi later spoke over the telephone, and the boys were subsequently invited to a Halloween costume party to be held for area exchange students at the home of the Yoshihiro Hattori (, Hattori Yoshihiro, November 22, 1975 October 17, 1992; often referred to as Yoshi Hattori) was a Japanese exchange student who was shot to death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

Hattori was on his way to a Halloween party and went to the wrong house by mistake. A Taiwanese exchange student accused of threatening to carry out a shooting at his Delaware County high school pleaded guilty to a federal firearms charge on Tuesday. True Halloween horror stories which happened around the scariest night of the year A nineyearold dressed in a Halloween costume was accidentally shot by a 16yearold foreign exchange Foreign exchange student from Taiwan faces new federal charge after Delaware County school shooting threat.

His mother said some of the items found in Sun's room were intended to be part of a Halloween costume, according to the news outlet. Man shot and killed in Strawberry Mansion.

Police: Foreign Exchange Student Built Arsenal For Planned School Attack He was an extremely simple and kind student, yet he would often have unusual ideas, Cheng said.

Jul 04, 2004 Dear Happyhank, Yoshihiro Hattori was killed on Oct. 17, 1992 when he mistook the address on his way to a Halloween party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was shot by the owner of the house, Rodney Peairs. Japanese Yoshihiro Hattori and Webb Haymaker, another foreign exchange student, arrived at the house party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but when they got no response, decided to go around the back.

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