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Halloween Event 2015 The event starts on 12: 00 and ends 12: 00 Pumpkin Lantern set as alternative drop from all monsters, these are to be delivered to " Other" Events (These events are usually a combination of other events) Birthday Event Global Events (These are scripted events run by Gameforge on all servers) Costume de Halloween 2015 Costum cu Dini (Cupru) M, Costum cu Dini (Cupru) F, Costum cu Dini (Oel) M, Costum cu Dini (Oel) F Costume de Halloween 2016 Lantern Dovleac i mergi la Dovleacul Sam s le livrezi.

Dovleacul Sam o s cear un numr de Lanterne Dovleac, n funcie de ci juctori se vor nscrie la acest event. El a pregtit recompense pentru toat lumea i anume: Primii 5, din clasamentul lui Sam, care vor aduna felinare, vor primi Metin2. gr! Aici puteti discuta despre evenimente. Deasemenea aici puteti citi despre evenimente planificate. Oct 13, 2017  Metin2 Halloween 2017? ! [INFO mit iPiixeL Metin2. pl Event wielkanocny 2017 lv3050 Duration: Prezentare Metin 2 Arctikcs V roce 2014 se uskutenil Halloweensk event, kter zaal 31.

jna 2014 ve 12: 00 hod a skonil 9. listopadu ve 23: 59 hod. Halloween 2013 [ editovat V roce 2013 nebyl sputn Halloweensk event. Halloween Event 2013 The event starts on Wednesday the 23rd October 2013 and ends on Sunday, the 10th November 2013. Halloween Pumpkin set as Alternative Drop, activating the pumpkin gives:

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