13 halloween cocktails recipes

Creepy Cocktails Halloween cocktails should definitely be tasty, but never tasteful. Check out some of our overthetop drinks below to liven up your next haunted house. A Halloween take on everyone's favorite summer cocktail the margarita this colorful concoction includes the usual suspects: fresh lime juice, triple sec and tequila with a few additions for the spooky season.

Get the recipe. Plus, try our best Halloween cocktail recipes and spooky Jello shots! View Gallery 13 Photos 1 of 13. Alexa Payesko. Boozy Butterbeer Punch For your adult Harry Potter parties. Get the recipe 13 Halloween Cocktails That Are Even Better Than Your Costume.

This is one of the bartender's top five scarygood cocktails. Get the recipe from Delish. GET YOURS NOW! Delish Cookbook, indigo.

ca. Spooky Halloween drinks and creepy cocktails that will tempt the imagination and delight the taste buds. They all have bewitching names to incite the fun and put an alluring spell on your festivities.

Thirstquenching shots of Merlot, pomegranate juice, orange liqueur, and sparkling water will be a sure favorite this Halloween. Get the recipe at Cravings of a Lunatic. Despite its name, the only thing devilish about this tequila cocktail is how easily you can slurp one down. Even traditional margarita drinkers will have to admit that the combination of sweet crme de cassis, earthy

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