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I'm keeping Jontron's assets on a different tumblr just to keep things clean and visible. If you want to see exclusively Jontron stuff, you can view them here. The original storyboard I did had some cut segments but I managed to finish most of it in time for the Halloween episode Really proud of this one.

It was too big, so I had to Unless Jon surprises us, I don't see a Halloween special at all this year, which makes me quite annoyed as all these Starcades are nowhere near as A while back, JonTron made a charity livestream for Teach For America, he promised that if they reached their goal, he would sing a cover for the song Firework by Katy Perry and so, after receiving 25, 000 dollars, he gathered a Nov 04, 2011  135 videos Play all Every JonTron Video (Chronological Order) Daniel Baker; Plug and Play Consoles JonTron Duration: 20: 51.

JonTronShow 20, 947, 321 views. This is a chronological list of all JonTronShow episodes. Note: Announcement videos are being added to this page and will soon be removed entirely from this page. A comprehensive list of videos that Jon has removed from his channel can be found here. Goosebumps is a Halloween episode of Jon reviewing the Goosebumps TV show. This is also the second Halloween episode and is a twopart episode.

Jon opens the review by seemingly performing a ritual with candy corn. With Jacques telling Jon that there's" magic in the air, " Jon decides to share it The TV channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family) annually presents their special" 13 Nights of Halloween" with specialized Halloween Jontron halloween episode big of regularly scheduled programs, as well as specified Halloween specials and movies to play for the 13 nights leading up to October 31.

JonTron, New York, New York. 344K likes. Welcome to JonTron: A comedy show about a guy, his parrot, and a penchant for yelling at rotten media. What's your favourite Halloween Special? Mine has GOT to be Goosebumps: Part 2. SICK FUCK" xD JonTron talks about his new (fictional) BluRay release, which features several fantastic and innovative changes to past episodes in the series.

S2, Ep15 5 Oct. 2011

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