How to send halloween candy troops

The Halloween Candy for Heroes drive encourages people to mail in their leftover candy to be shipped to troops all over the world. However, you can send a care package to military friends, family, and those you havent met at any time during the year. Nov 02, 2015 Halloween candy can have a greater purpose when it gets sent to the troops, courtesy of your local dentist.

Through the generosity and handson efforts of the American people, we send Care Packages to all who bravely serve our nation. What is the Halloween Candy Buyback? Buybacks are held at local businesses, traditionally but not limited to dental offices. With the goal of removing excess Halloween candy from kids while supporting our troops, the Buyback is a great platform to help multiple causes while promoting your business!

Candy Donations. Christmas! Easter! Halloween! Your monthly support means the world to our troops around the world. Facebook feed. Unable to display Facebook posts. I just want to send a quick note to say thank you for all the time you spend putting together your care packages for Americas Service Members! I received one the Donate Your Halloween Candy to Troops Overseas. October 24, 2014 by Julie Provost. You can find a dentist who participates on the Halloween Candy Buyback website.

Do you know of any another organizations that will send candy to the troops? Have you donated your Halloween candy to these organizations in the past? Home All News At Home Donate Your Excess PostHalloween Candy to the Troops.

A great use of that Halloween candy is to remind our troops that theyre not forgotten! You can thank our troops Are you left with a mountain of candy after every Halloween? Perhaps you didn't have as many trickortreaters as you anticipated or perhaps your own trickortreaters got a few too many treats?

Donate your excess candy to Soldiers' Angels" Treats for Troops" program! Soldiers' Angels will get this candy to our Troops and Veterans for a LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) If you have extra Halloween candy laying around you might consider shipping off a sweet treat to a member of the military.

There are lots of different programs helping send candy to our troops. One of those is Kool Smiles Operation Troop Treats, " which is through a Since its inception, Roggen mailed upwards of 15, 000 pounds of candy and sent sweets to over 1, 000 troops. Using such a small thing like Halloween candy, says Roggen, demonstrates my appreciation.

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