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Saint Lucia's Day is celebrated predominantly in Italy (Lucia was afterall a Sicilian), Sweden and the other Nordic countries. The way in which it is celebrated in Sweden can be traced back to the old Scandinavian celebration of Lussi night, the darkest night of the year. Saint Lucia is a celebration of light. Mar 19, 2018  Documentations from a gasque in the Gothenburg nation, Gotland nation, and spela in Kalmar nation.

Gasque and Student Nations in Uppsala Sania Saraswati Sweden student life Erasmus Winter is coming and darkness looms over Sweden, so let us honor our ancestors and the arrival of the dark season on a morbid night of horrid music, disco pumpkins, eerie candle light, fire limbo, vegetarian carnage and black magic.

Master Welcoming Weeks Gasque, Gteborgs nation, Uppsala, Sweden. Sat Sep 22 2018 at 05: 00 pm, The event all new masters students have been waiting for! It is time for the Gorgeous Grande Gala (GGG) or more simple the master welcoming weeks final gasque? The gasque will take place at Gteborgs Uppsala has a number of student nations, which are unique to universities in Sweden. Each nation has a beautiful old housemansion (one is even nicknamed the pink castle) and these nations host events, cafes, clubs and pubs.

The gasque began at 5: 30 at VDala Nation (which has the largest rooms, quite useful as this is an unusually large gasque), although as is often the case with dinner events, that was a 'soft' start, and the dinner part itself didn't A gasque, is a traditional dinner, with varying degrees of formality.

Each nation will arrange many different gasques during a semester, and while almost all follow a similar basic premise, each gasque will have its own unique flavour. Uppsala University Alumni Valborg Gasque. 30th April 2018, Monday. Share; Mail; Print; The 30th of April, Walpurgis Eve referred to as Sista april or Valborg in Swedish is the celebration of spring arriving in Sweden.

In Uppsala it is also the largest student event of the year with the Donning of the Caps at Carolina

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