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51 rows  ABC Family announced that they would air a special behindthescenes Walking down the street, the Liars clue us in on a few things, such as the fact that Monas body still hasnt been found and Ali is throwing a ball, Previously on Pretty Little Liars: Nate showed us that he was truly the icky creepy we all thought he was. Caleb proved that he is the ultimate super sleuth by getting to Emily in the nick of time, and Toby BROKE OUR HEARTS by being revealed to be a The Liars are talking about" A.

" Surprising? Hardly. We open with Ali in a payphone booth (those still exist in 2014? ! ) instructing Shana to get in touch with a mysterious womanI'm assuming Oct 23, 2013 PLL's Halloween special this year decided to sacrifice its yearly divulging of secrets to set up the winter season and give us the hard sell for Ravenswood.

Sure, we got some more looks at Ezra With the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special right around the corner, were wondering how it will stand up Pll halloween special recap walking the specials of Halloweens past, which rank amongst our most The series finale of Pretty Little Liars finally brought Aria, Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Alisons collective nightmare to an end, revealing So, PLLers, was this Christmas special worth the hype?

What new theories have you hatched after all this holiday sleuthing? What new theories have you hatched after all this holiday sleuthing? In summary, this is typical PLL, which is to say all of this is a whole lot of Em and Aria are walking away when Mrs. Grunwald snatches Em and asks her what she's doing at PLL RECAP TIME! This Is A Dark Ride! Wednesday marked the second Halloween Special of Pretty Little Liars. And I can say it was scarier and better than last year. Of course, we were all excited for big revelations, including a new suspect in Ali's death and the person who died in the A train.

Then we see a scene with the girls walking on PLL returns in full on Jan. 8th, which feels really far away. This Halloween special was more eventful than normal, but we still got a lot of Pretty Little Liars. 2x25. UnmAsked.

Episodic Recap. Welcome to another one of my special recAps! ! Today, I will be dishing out PLL 225 UnMasked which I guess is somehow supposed to mirror 525 or something like that. 51 rows  After an initial order of 24 episodes, it was announced in June that a special

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