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The two decided to start a family and Sarah became pregnant. But the MS caused a severe spike in Sarah's symptoms and they terminated the pregnancy. When Sarah's son Daniel came to live with them, TK tried to help his wife her son's delinquency. The annual Shortland Street cliffhanger is a storyline at the end of the year's season, often a crisis, that leaves behind a question to be answered the following year. This technique is used to lure viewers back after the long break.

Luke returns to Shortland Street and after confronting Isaac, Isaac severely injures himself and frames Luke. TK and Roimata admit their love for each other.

Sarah returns to Shortland Street, pregnant with TK's child. Sarah made a surprise return to Shortland Street in March 2011 and announced she was pregnant with TK's child, a girl. Sarah planned to get back with TK and clashed with his new fiance Roimata Ngatai (Shavaughn Ruarkere).

She was pregnant at the time and later died in hospital. Her baby miraculously survived and was born via C section before Tiffany's life support was switched off. drowned, on his wedding day. Rumored to return in 2016 winter season as 'The Ferndale Farter' wreaking havoc on the Shortland Street lifts. Oscar Henry so he would be able to The place to be for up to date episode guides, character profiles, upcoming gossip and fantastic fanart.

Shortland Street Fans also has a forum where you can talk about your favou. Roimata was brought in as a fluent Te Reo speaking Mori love interest for TK Samuels, during Sarah's absence.

4 months pregnant with TK's baby. The two Roimata arrived to Shortland Street in early 2011 as a temporary It appeared TK had finally found the woman to mend his broken heart then Sarah arrived back in Ferndale, pregnant with his child.

TK asked Roimata to marry him. Their wedding day was a disaster, with TK going missing when he found out Sarah had gone into labour. May 25, 1992 Storylines of Shortland Street (2007) topic. This article details the storylines that took place on the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street in 2007. Highlights of the year Teenager Scarlett Valentine attempts to run down exboyfriend Hunter McKay in the Shortland street roimata pregnant halloween after months of bullying.

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