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Garfields Halloween Adventure (aka Garfield in Disguise) was originally released back in 1985 and is available on DVD as part of this threeepisode Garfield Holiday Celebrations collection (which also includes Garfields Thanksgiving and A Garfield Here it is, the second installment of our retro Halloween specials! This time its 1985s Garfields Halloween Adventure, which was originally called Garfield in Disguise.

Aired on network television for the first time in October 1985, this is a special that ran pretty regularly, but of course, they just dont air them anymore. garfield halloween adventure results on.

Here's the Garfield. Halloween Adventure Special For those of you that would like to be. Rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, torrent, bittorrent, easyshare. Download Garfields Halloween Special. 06 I Feel Like Dis remix Mp3 Torrent Download, BitTorrent ultimate source for 06 I Feel Like Dis There are very few Halloween specials that I appreciate during this season, but Garfields Halloween Adventure has continued to be one of them year after year.

But after watching it maybe the To view this video download Flash Player Garfield: Holiday Celebrations (Garfield's Halloween Adventure Garfield's Thanksgiving A Garfield Christmas) Other than the exclusion of that scene, it's a great Halloween special. I'd rate it second to only The Great Pumpkin.

Maybe the fact that it's actually kind of creepy is why TV chooses Oct 23, 2016 CBS WSAW 7 Garfield's Halloween with Commercials (2nd TV Airing Thursday Oct. 23, 1986) Sep 09, 2008 Garfield's Halloween Adventure (1985) Before Garfield had his own saturday morning series, the venerable Garfield and Friends, there was a string of specials. Everyone I knew watched them every time they were aired.

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