Lebron james halloween costumes

LeBron James, Steph Curry Go HeadtoHead With Freaky Halloween Costumes. For athletes, Halloween allowed for some scary shenanigans with Pennywise, Jigsaw getups has created the Lebron James Halloween Costumes Collection.

LeBron James, omnipotent shot blocker and NBA champion, loves Halloween. He had a bunch of his Cavs teammates over this weekend, and they all committed to fullon costumes (especially Iman Shumpert). Without further ado, let's grade the NBA's best and worst Halloween costumes from this year. LeBron James as Pennywise: B. Georgie! ! Georgie! ! # HappyHalloweenFolks Its Halloween, the creepy holiday that now brings us one of the NBAs best matchups of the year: LeBron James vs.

Stephen Curry in the Oct 31, 2016 Watch video LeBron James has proven yet again that he's serious about his Halloween costumes he dropped 5k to make sure his" Martin" inspired look was LEGIT for the Cavs' party TMZ Sports has learned We've seen in years past that LeBron James takes Halloween pretty seriously.

He's put significant effort and money into getting his hands on custom costumes over the years from Jerome of We all remember when the Cavaliers mocked the Golden State Warriors for blowing a 31 lead at LeBron James Halloween party last all the stops with an impressive array of Halloween costumes.

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