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The Hyde Park asteroid is not going to hit Earth. Charles Bardeen, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, said a 1kmwide space rock would a very severe global impact although it probably wouldnt wipe out humanity.

Hyde Park Halloween, Austin TX October 29, 2014 While f and g are popular hot spots please know there are tons of homes around Combining stunning naturalhistory footage with an original symphony and theme created by Bleeding Fingers Music, featuring composers Austin Fray and Andrew Christie, this event is a musical journey through some of the Saturday, October 29 Austin Sunshine Camps presents Fall Festival Keep the weekend kidfriendly at the Austin Sunshine Camp's Fall Festival at Zilker Park.

Attendees can enjoy activities like face painting, a cake walk, hay rides, a bounce house, and more. SkullShaped Halloween Asteroid Will Be Coming Back In 2018 The asteroid, which gained notoriety for its Halloween sighting and skulllike appearance, is expected to appear once again in midNovember. Also, Halloween stories should be more on the upbeat side.

Halloween Story Prompts think of A truly scary experience where everything turned out well. A creepy situation through which you were able to navigate unscathed and possibly empowered. A supernatural experience that had a profound impact on you. Skyscrapersized asteroid nearing Earth: 5 Scrapped Designs for the World's Most Famous Buildings In an alternate reality, the A The fries have been on the Hyde Park Bar& Grill menu since the restaurant opened in 1982.

MORE: Heres where to celebrate National French Fry Day in Austin We should also mention that Austin360 restaurant critic Matthew Odam calls the Hyde Park fries some of the most overrated in Austin. Upcoming Events.

September 2018. Sep. 14, 2018 Glass Half Full Present Theatre Presents" The Cucuy Project" 2018 Portraiture in the Park: Who Are You Anyways? ! Sep. 23, 2018 Austin Museum Day Activities at Austin HUGE: An asteroid the size of Hyde Park (right) is approaching Earth. The space agency says the 2002 AJ129 is going to hurtle by on February 4, a little over two weeks away. It spans an astonishing 1. 1km, according to NASA making it the biggest asteroid of the year so far. That makes it nearly as big as the Brit park, which spans 1.

42km sq.

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