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Jul 26, 2010  A Shtriga in Albanian folklore is a vampiric witch who sucks the blood of children. Appearance: By day shtriga appear as humans, often old women. At night Halloween shtriga supernatural shtriga transforms into a flying creature like a bug, fly, or moth.

Lore: Legends of the shtriga likely stem from the Roman strix. The only difference would be the belief that Supernatural shtriga lore. When Dean told Sam what they were dealing with, Sam hit the books (and the laptop) for information. He learned that the shtriga is an Albanian witch, with lore dating back to Ancient Rome. The other shtriga had a relatively human appearance, even when not disguised as a doctor. This shtriga also left behind a body whereas the other withered away into nothing, leaving behind only its robe.

While Sam uses an iron round to kill this shtriga, it appears to be a regular iron round, not a consecrated one. # HappyHalloween My Top Ten# Supernatural Monsters via @stacyamiller85 @cwspn# SPN Every day is Halloween Dean Winchester, Its The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester On The CWs Supernatural, Winchester Brothers Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) have battled an array of monsters in the twelve Aug 26, 2018 The shtriga miswritten striga is described as an Albanian witch, but with legends about them going back to Halloween shtriga supernatural Rome.

It feeds on the spiritus vitae, or life essence, of others mainly from children. Supernatural's take on the Bloody Mary story sees a sleepover foolishly summon the ghost, with fatal and bloody results. The brothers look into the story, searching for a person named Mary who was killed in front of a mirror. Supernatural Seasons 46 M03 Jensen Ackles as Dean Wardrobe Costume Trading Card See more like this.

Dean Winchester Silver Ring Band Supernatural Costume TV Show Series Jewelry. Brand New. 11. 94. Buy It Now. Halloween Scary Mask Cosplay Costume Demon Devil Ghost Witch Hair Supernatural. Brand New Witch. A shtriga was featured in the Supernatural episode, " Something Wicked"by hiding itself as a male doctor in a children's ward at a hospital where children have suddenly fallen comatose and where it can continue to feed. Shtriga are a witchlike supernatural being that feed off of the life force of children through touch.

This gives them the ability to live very long lives. At night they appear as an old and wrinkled individual. But by day they take on the form of Supernatural, an American fantasy horror television series broadcasted on Warner Bros is a sensational creation of Eric Kripke. The story revolves around are two fearless brothers who love to hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and other supernatural beings.

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