Borderlands 2 halloween dlc pumpkins

Oct 22, 2013 Watch video Want to find the hidden miniboss in Borderlands 2's Halloween DLC? Gearbox designer Josh Jeffcoat shows you how. T.

K. Baha's Bloody Harvest is the name of a Halloween themed DLC for Borderlands 2. It was released Tuesday, October 22nd 2013. It is the first of three planned" Headhunter" packs that were all scheduled for release by the end of 2013. The DLC, along with the other" Headhunter" packs, will cost Oct 23, 2013  Borderlands 2 Flaming Pumpkins Location! Solving Tk Baha's Easter Egg! TK Baha Bloody Harvest DLC! NEW Borderlands 2 DLC EVERY Character Quotes!

(Son of Oct 31, 2013 Scruffy and Karate play the brand spanking new Borderlands 2 Bloody Harvest Halloween themed DLC! Thrills, chills, spills but mostly kills fill this let's pl It is in a tree, opposite the second Red Eyed jack O'Lantern.

Just snipe it to claim the flame within. Pumpkin 4. Head through the gate in the Necropolis toward The Pumpkin Patch. Turn to the right, after the boulders, to find this pumpkin. Borderlands 2 TK Bahas Bloody Harvest DLC; Borderlands 2 Items; Borderlands 2 Destructible Objects; Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper Character Type Enemy (Boss) Group Affiliations Skeletons Contents[show Clark the Combusted Cryptkeeper is a secret boss in the Headhunter Pack DLC T.

K. Baha's Bloody Harvest for Borderlands 2. He will spawn when four special tasks are completed after completion Yes, it's short (took me about 2 hours solo @ lvl 61 with Zer0 to do everything), and Gearbox told us it was going to be shorter than the previous DLC.

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