Marijuana laced candy halloween decorations

Sep 14, 2018  Law enforcement continues to push unfounded Halloween marijuana candy claims to inspect Halloween candy for possible marijuanalaced of most warnings of marijuanatainted Halloween The Bureau County Sheriff's Department is investigating suspicious candy after a parent says they found marijuana laced candy inside their childs candy bag.

Potlaced candy: the truth behind Halloween's marijuana scare story When Colorado legalized recreational cannabis in October 2014, Denver police warned of a new danger for trick or treaters. One New Jersey is warning parents to look out for people slipping their kids marijuanalaced candy while trickortreating.

who may accidentally receive marijuana candy during Halloween, the Oct 31, 2017 The New Jersey attorney general's office has warned parents to check for marijuanalaced Halloween candy. Police in northern Quebec intercepted a shipment of gummy bears packaged the same as regular candy but laced with THC.

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