Halloween crafts out of egg cartons

This easy Halloween craft project makes a great decoration for your home or classroom. Best of all, the supplies are inexpensive and the results satisfying. by Jane Lake.

Children who are old enough can cut the bat out of the egg carton themselves, but an adult will need to do this part for younger children. For a fun springtime project, try this egg carton flower craft! This is a fun way to create 3D art out of something you'd normally toss in the trash. These little Halloween egg carton crafts are just adorable. Two sections of egg cartons make the cutest little Halloween character and they are super easy to make, even with younger children.

Your kids will have a blast painting the egg cartons and adding sweet faces on each character. Egg Carton Halloween Witch made out of a painted egg carton tuned in to a spooky and fun Halloween craft activity for the classroom or party, Ribbons& Glue a DIY Craft blog sharing unique projects and tutorials along with a few simple recipes thrown in.

Cardboard egg carton (styrofoam won't hold the paint needed) Black paint; Red paint or marker; 2 googly eyes; 4 black pipe cleaners; Glue; Paint brush; Hole punch or scissors; How to make your Egg Carton Spider Craft: Cut one cup out of an egg carton. Trim it so that it sits flat (no flaps, etc. ). Paint the egg cup black. These egg carton bats are an adorable way for your little ones to create a Halloween craft.

We used clear egg cartons to create a fun spin on a classic craft idea. Egg Carton; 2 Googly eyes; Glue; Black paper; Scissors; Black paintpaintbrush; Start by cutting up individual cups from a big egg carton case. Cut it so that you have just a small piece of the top.

Paint the egg carton with black paint and let dry. Stick on some purple googly eyes (we bought them at Michaels store). We're starting to get in the spirit of Halloween and here's our first Halloween post with 3 easy ghost crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Egg Carton Friendly Ghosts J made up a song about 5 little ghosts based on the 5 speckled frogs song and it inspired me to revist our 5 Little Speckled Frogs Craft from the spring so we got out an egg carton egg carton (the paper type, not the styrofoam type).

scissors, black paint (we used acrylic) and paintbrush. glue, white paper (just a small scrap will do). Optional: wiggly eyes. Optional: a sharp pencil, needle or nail. Optional: thread. Instructions: Cut a line of three egg carton cups. Jul 14, 2015  What You'll Need: 1 egg carton; scissors; tempera paint (red, yellow, orange, purple); paintbrushes; scrap paper; hotglue gun; pompoms; craft needle or pushpin; green pipe cleaners; vase or ribbon (optional) Make It: Cut off the top half of the egg carton, leaving just the bottom.

Cut and separate one individual egg cup and trim My kids and I did this egg carton jackolantern craft last year right before Halloween. This Halloween craft is simple, fun, and lowcost, and it totally put my kids in the Halloween spirit.

Check out how we made these egg carton jackolanterns below! Note: For more kidfriendly Halloween crafts, see my Halloween activities for Kids page.

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