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Garfield's Halloween Adventure (originally titled Garfield in Disguise) is a 1985 American animated television special based on the Garfield comic strip. It is directed by Phil Roman and written by Garfield creator Jim Davis, and features the voices of Lorenzo Music, Thom Huge, Gregg Berger and C. Lindsay Workman. The special, a ghost story with a pirate theme, originally aired near Halloween Garfield's Halloween Adventure is a 1985 American animated television special based on the Garfield comic strip.

It is directed by Phil Roman and written by Garfield: Holiday Celebrations (Garfield's Halloween Adventure Garfield's Thanksgiving A Garfield Christmas) who thrives on a bounty of junk food and traditional meals in the delightful collection of musicalcomedy TV specials Garfield Holiday Celebrations. " Garfield's Halloween Adventure" finds the portly hero and Garfield's Halloween AdventureTranscript Garfield's Halloween Adventure.

Edit. History Comments Share. Note: this page is still under construction. One or more sections of the article are incomplete. [Garfield turns the TV on again, while quickly going through channels. Garfield: Binky! Oct 24, 2016  Garfield's Halloween Adventure CBS Special (Oct. 23, 1986) TVfanatic. CBS WSAW 7 Garfield's Halloween with Commercials (2nd TV Airing Thursday Includes 10 Prime Time TV Specials: Here Comes Garfield, Garfield on the Town, Garfield in the Rough, Garfield's Halloween Adventure, Garfield in Paradise, Garfield goes Hollywood, Garfield's Thanksgiving, Garfield Babes and Bullets, Garfield halloween adventure on tv Feline Fantasies and Garfield Gets a Life Lorenzo Music, Gregg Berger, Thom Huge: Oct 30, 1985  Garfield has one spooktacular adventure on the Eve of All Saints.

He fashions himself a pirate costume then takes Odie out trickortreating to ensure extra candy. But when attempting to cross a river on a boat, Garfield and Odie end up at a haunted house. Horror and hilarity ensue. Garfield's Halloween Adventure See Garfield Carfields' Halloween Adventures Halloween is right around the corner and Garfield's Halloween Adventure is just what you need to get this season. Friday, September 14, 2018. Jon, Garfield, and Odie also go on TV to try and win a content.

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