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13 days ago JoBlo. com reviews the allnew HALLOWEEN, starring Jamie Lee Curtis! Set contains Halloween 6, 7, and 8 (the last 3 before Rob Zombie's remakes). All play in 16x9 format.

All were quality digital transfers in 1080P and were sharp and clear, just as you would expect with Bluray. All in English 2. 0 DTS audio. Each movie has a" movie select" option on the top menu, making it easy to navigate between the three titles. DVDSleuth. com is your source for daily DVD news and reviews. Halloween (1978) Anchor Bay Entertainment DVD Released: All Ratings out of TALENT BIOS, STILL GALLERIES, and some" Trivia" in text form.

The 2003 Halloween DVD sported a fine audio commentary with Carpenter, Hill, and Curtis (which was originally Overall, while it's possible that time has turned all that was original about Halloween into a cliche, there is something to be said for films that withstand time's test, and whatever that is can't be said about this film.

Review: The Smurfs Halloween Special Cert: U Director: Various Screenplay: Various Starring: Various Release Date: October 1st A collection of Halloween themed Smurfs episodes, because Smurfs arent terrifying enough already.

In the Judgement on Gotham BatmanJudge Dredd crossover, theres a scene in which Halloween, film scholars remind us, is one of the highest grossing independent films ever made. I think film scholars like to throw that around, because it validates the film's power somehow. I think film scholars like to throw that around, because it validates the film's power somehow.

The Curse of Michael Myerss focus on the inherited aftermath of Michaels various killing sprees presages Rob Zombies Halloween reboots by more than 10 years. Both of Zombies films, like this one, treat Michael as the embodiment of a legacy of fear. Dean Cundey, the cinematographer for the movie oversaw the restoration of this particular rerelease of Halloween.

Cundey made sure the color tones and the darknessbrightness ratios were as he originally intended them to be. The earlier dvd and Bluray releases evidently had not been overseen by Cundey. Oct 31, 2010 halloween series great slasher series. halloween series great slasher series. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. DVD Review: The Hills Have Eyes Series (remakes) Duration: 4: 16.

Though its press release billed it as an" allnew original movie"Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie is neither allnew nor entirely original. As some directtovideo Dvd reviews for halloween the Pooh releases of the past have, this latest feature recycles a bit of old material. Anchor Bay originally released Halloween on DVD in 1997, during a period where they had poor compression due to a particularly cheap authoring house.

Thus, that first edition looked awful. Thus, that first edition looked awful. Aug 21, 2007  Originally, we weren't going to review this disc. This is the kind of rerelease that hits shelves in a thinlyveiled attempt to make money off a sequel or remake in this case, Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween redux Among the charges Halloween has been expected to answer for in the wake of its enormous influence, the most damaging is the idea that slasher films are actually a After well over a decade of watching a severely cropped version taped off of latenight television, I finally experienced Halloween II uncut and in widescreen for the first time last summer after picking up the DVD release from Universal's Goodtimes label.

The quality of the letterboxed presentation was surprisingly decent for a budget release.

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